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For every yin there is a yang?


If words express a thousand thoughts
Then why can’t I write about you
I’m feeling kind of blue
The ink won’t flow through

In my heart you’re my rock and roll
So why wont my soul come through
Inside beats a me and you
But you trample my love that’s true

Oh can’t you see my feelings
Are running low
Still I saw you drive
Past my window

If you could be with me some time,
The music we could play
Each and every day
I would be with you all the way

If my calls you’re not answering
Bit by bit my world starts to die
I still want to be there for you
Though you may not want me to

Now break by break
My heart is falling apart
Feelings turn to dust
And simply blow away!

©Phil Golding 05/10/2007
Fri, 5 Oct 2007 05:17 am
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