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help maybe im only a novice

At least I woke up.

I woke up today and I was not okay,
At least I woke up.

I woke up today and I wished I hadn’t,
At least I woke up.

I woke up today and cried as I studied,
At least I woke up.

I woke up today realising I cannot afford lunch,
At least I woke up.

I woke up today knowing you won’t get help,
At least I woke up.

I woke up today wanting to not wake up tomorrow,
At least I woke up

I woke up today and I am not okay.
At least I woke up.
But why?
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 01:25 pm
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Wake up in the midst of the nightmare
And pinch your thigh
So as to wake up again, this time aware
Of which is the truth and which is the lie
Hold on tight to your pen
Write away your aching, your pain, your wish
And before you know it, sweet novice
you'll have a reason to wake up again!
For one single word
can be the key
to a whole new world!
Where you may run free!
Let it be known
There is no "why"
We make our own puproses
Othersise all there is
Is one long wait till we die.

And it's a damn pity to live like this
Are you getting me, sweet novice?

That said, I like your piece!
Thank you
Wed, 27 Feb 2019 09:55 am
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<Deleted User> (22247)

You lay yourself DOWN to sleep, and then you wake UP.

This you know, you feel, and you like. The real question here, I suspect, is not "so what," but "what now?"

The right answer to the wrong question is still the wrong answer. Ask Hamlet, he worked it out. Sort of.

The poem uses repetition for emphasis and to project hope/helplessness. But that dilemma is just half of a poetical message, in my opinion.

You show us it but no how or why. Misery loves company, but readers don't want it off-loaded onto them.

They'll visit you there, but do offer them some sort of refreshment (insight.) I hope that makes sense. Maybe my critique needs a critique.
Tue, 9 Jul 2019 12:51 pm
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So my view is , you write what comes in to your mind , there is no right or wrong it’s just your thoughts on paper. Poetry whether it’s good or bad is only in the context of the reader. If some one thinks it’s not good then they don’t have to read it again. Some one will think it’s good!
And you have unburdened yourself of the emotion.

Just write without self doubt of what you have written

Hope that helps

Sat, 26 Jun 2021 06:54 pm
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t brown

oh yes i enjoyed this
Sun, 1 May 2022 01:19 pm
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