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Hebden WOL Jan 11

Poetic perambulations and power struggles in West Yorkshire
From our special correspondent, Weds, 2nd February, 2011.
Whilst Wicked Words was whacked with a power cut, at Hebden Bridge the cold drove poets from Write Out Loud’s monthly night to tramp the town to test the temperature at an alternative venue.
And what a great night it turned out to be! At Hebden Bridge, not Leeds, that is. Whilst low on initial numbers – eight only - the first half was a huge poetic treat, as some wonderful pieces were shared, all wrapped in – well, hats gloves, scarves, anything to stave off the cold in the unheated upper chamber of the once-great Hole-in-t’wall pub.
“Let’s go to the White Lion”, someone suggested at half time, through chattering teeth. So we upped sticks and left, with determination but no flounce; over the old packhorse bridge, across the square and into the White Lion’s warm embrace.
And, miraculously, we even received late-comers who, having failed to find us at the Hole, somehow managed to track us down at our temporary refuge. These latter included Emma Decent (fresh from her sellout world tour) and friend, who had hightailed it back to Hebden having found Wicked Words in darkness and an uncharacteristic silence.
Their loss was our gain, as Emma joined other late-but-welcomers Eileen and new-member, Martin, who just had time to share their work with the nicely-thawed original cast.
One of Hebden’s best nights to date: wonderful work, great craic, and minds broadened by travel to warmer climes.
Don’t miss next month’s Hebden Bridge adventure. Watch this space for details!
Thu, 3 Feb 2011 09:31 am
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Yes, it was a good turnout (by 9.45).

and very warm and cozy.

By leaving the fire door open upstairs at the hole we were made to feel unwelcome

the beer was fine in the White Lion

there were options of 3 areas to hold our impro reading so plently of scope for making things more permanent if we wished

just my thoughts

a grand night where some were keen to stay and convive till closing time (apparently)

Thu, 3 Feb 2011 09:34 am
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