Feedback requested - "Young People"

I am open to feedback. I am thanking you in advance.

They March to the beat
Of a drum we
Can't play.
They hear music in
Their souls,
The chords yet
To be struck.
They have written lyrics
On their pads, on their
Tablets, on the walls
That would move
The wonders of this
And yet we want them
To conform,
To Acquiesce,
To step in our
We want to tow them
Down the paths
Positioned for us!
We want them
To love like us,
Talk like us,
Adorn themselves
Like us,
Conform to this world
Like us,
Stay quiet like us!
Suffer like us!
Be loyal like us!
Like us!
Be in denial
Like us!!
But you see,
They weren't designed
Like us!
A royal priesthood
Given dreams to dream,
Given novels
To speak,
Platforms to stand on
Regimes to
Tides to turn.
We thought it would
Come by way of
Our small minded
Oh, they have been stirred
By the Chef!
Prepared, simmering
In a pot of
Seasoned ingredients
Now being served
To the masses!
Open up your
Oh taste and see
What He is now
Upon us!
It is oh

-Cassie 2018

Fri, 6 Apr 2018 12:36 pm
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