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I would fly high in the endless sky
if u think u can stop me
u need to rethink
I won't hold back
nor allow u to trap
my spirits and my flight
it will go up alright
yes I would fly high
in the endless sky
my goals and my roles
I can take care of them all
in dark cloudy nights
I can search for my stars
I don't need your approval
nor love but the removAl
of your presence and impact
it's right time to select
the undue pain
the waiting in vain
no I won't now yield
I m here to shield
myself from ur wiles
I have dreams in piles
I would make them all true
no I won't now turn blue
yes I would fly high
in the endless sky
the stars the moon
are mine as a boon
the cool brisk air
blows for me to dare
to open my wings wide
and go on a new ride
to the hights never known
whts giving u swoon
didn't I just tell u
yes I will fly high
in the endless sky

Wed, 24 Jan 2018 11:28 am
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