Angel of Justice

A child walks down a lonely street,
Her legs are cold, bare are her feet,
Yet she walks with her head held high,
For she knew who walked at her side.
Everywhere the child went,
Whenever there was incident,
The consequence of beligerence,
Negligence and ignorance,
Became quite fast too apparant,
Everywhere that child went,
She glanced, askance, to her side,
Wearing a grin that she tried to hide,
She'd suffered misfortune, wandered alone,
She had no family, no life, no home,
She had no one she could call friend,
She knew not where her road would end,
And yet she did not tremble or weep,
She did not stare down at her feet,
She knew who traveled in her steed,
Bringing Justice to bear for every deed,
Some may call them an Angel,
Some may call them Death,
Some may call them a whisper,
A shadow, a breath,
But this child, she called them,
Her doer of good,
Her channeler of Karma,
And she knew that they would,
Where ever she wandered,
Bring consequences to bear,
Uncover secrets,
Bring the truth to the air,
And the child stopped crying,
And brushed back her hair,
And they laughed at her smiling,
And she knew somewhere,
The reaction was waiting,
To their ignorant bliss,
And when it struck them,
They would probably miss,
The significance of the child that passed,
Smiling at her Angel,
And they foolishly laughed,
And now their crops are failing,
And their mules are lame,
And their children are wailing,
In hunger and shame,
For the laughter they've given,
Over the years,
The mirth that they've enjoyed,
Over anothers tears,
And the child kept walking,
The world never changed,
But she passed a few people,
Without any shame,
And to them came great blessings,
Happiness they found,
There was love in their surroundings,
Gold in their ground,
And the child kept walking,
The world never changed,
And if she passed by you,
Would you think it was strange,
The way she was smiling,
And would you ever know,
That blessing or misfortune,
Would come where she goes,
And do you shudder to wonder,
If such a child exists,
Does it scare you to think
There might really be this,
Angel of Justice,
If you must call them that,
Well, they do,
As a matter of fact,
And they walk with a child,
All over the world,
They walk along side,
Every boy, Every girl,
And we will all meet them,
Each one by one,
And be justly rewarded,
For all that we've done,
As some time in our lives,
Our dues will be paid,
And I hope with all my heart,
That you are not afraid
Sept. 16, 2007
Sun, 21 Jun 2020 04:11 am
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