a brave life

When she heard of coming him,
she was filled with proud ,
but shattered when she saw him in green saffron and white,
her heart melt ,eyes full of grief ,
staring at his picture she sat beside,
where no one can bother her in her loneliness,
she now meant to be quiet,
dealing with the mind hinderance,
that now he is not in his usual sight.

she became numb,
but she somewhere knew he did it for his dreams,
willing to fall for his word ; living upto his boundaries.

the pain of losing dear one cannot be healed,
sobbing mother felt his need,
now that he is one of the supreme,
his deeds are now owe to the "greeds".

as what he has gained cannot be destroyed,
without any fear without any plea,
instead with a smile in his last phase
fighting for his glee.

he paved a way for the one who want to work for their dreams,
not only with an urge to wing them
but also to build up their heel.

he deserve a stand over his mark,
but can't kill that nasty scar,
which he left in the heart of his beloved,
wanting him to return from his long journey ,
hanging with her for hours.

at last when he worked out everything,
something went huge ,a great mishappening,
a sound that went boom in the wild,
a deep sore which can't be hide.

he went to play hide and seek,
placing himself in a box wrapped with satin,
closing his eyes he went into a long nap,
from where he cannot come back.

now that he is gone forever,
and can be seen never,
but his job made every heart filled with pride,
and this is how bravely he ended his life.

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 05:26 pm
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