seaside dreaming

You bring turmoil and chaos
to my sea of tranquillity 
deaths of many courageous sailors
who battle hostile waves
and brave the angry tides
the memory of your face makes me blush
all the more because I dreamt it drowning 
in between my thighs.

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among the trees

I like to ride my bike
among the trees
the mighty oaks
and evergreens
my little lungs get as big
as air balloons
carrying me through
fresh forest loam.


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Moon rises, the tide is out
thoughts make their way
to the tip of my tongue
I reach for a pen instead.

I breathe in another sunrise
breathe out a restless night
my bed's a field of clover -
better luck next time.

I wash away the news I read
dress my soul in comfort of a song
I've listened to on repeat for years
and smile.

Holding on to the glimpses of
peace I find, I'd pray more

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I feel you on my skin
early AM until late hours
I think of you in the shower
drinking coffee
eating breakfast
reading textbooks
feeding plants
scrolling Instagram
strolling the streets
buying laundry detergent
changing the sheets
cleaning mirrors
burning incense
closing night curtains
so that the neighbours won't see
I want to touch you
I know I should resist
I close my eyes and p...

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