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International Poetry Gig Guide update

Hi all,

Visitors to our Poetry Gig Guide will have noticed some changes earlier today.

The Poetry Gig Guide was originally setup in 2006 to list a few events in the north of England. It quickly grew to list events throughout the UK and recently has been receiving more and more submissions from other countries (particularly USA) which we're delighted to see. This did, however, make it increasingly confusing in the old format where all of these events were presented together.

Today we made some changes so that when you visit the Gig Guide, you will automatically be shown only events from your own country. There is still the option to select another country. Along with this, we've generally brightened up the appearance and made other tweaks to make browsing events easier.

Remember you can search near your location more precisely by entering the location and hitting "Go" on the Gig Guide page.

If you have submitted events to the gig guide, we do ask that you check regularly to make sure that the information is kept current. Any problems or questions, please contact our Gig Guide editor Laura using

If you have any questions or comments about the changes, please post here and I'll respond.

Sun, 13 May 2018 10:43 pm
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