How do your words come?

Having read numerous comments in the blog section from many different poets here on WOL, one thing keeps recurring and that is "how do the words come"?

Inspiration (often called the muse by many of us) may come in many different ways. Why not share some of your channels of inspiration on here to help other poets!
5 days ago
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I think you are maybe asking a question that we all find hard to answer Graham. The words themselves are more or less all up there floating around in some jumble or dis(order) waiting to be used. How they end up on the page is less clear. I have certain themes that interest me (as we all do) but more often than not it's a couple of words that come together, maybe a line or two that connects with a current thought process and hey presto the rest hopefully follows. Quite how the rest follows is a bit of a mystery but when it happens the results can be very rewarding. Perhaps another way to ask this question is simply - why do we feel the need to write? Although even that is not an easy one to answer!
3 days ago
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I agree with Colin. Some themes that interest the writer can influence him/her in that moment, yet the writer can as well be influenced by the situations they are seeing or living in.
19 hours ago
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