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Free Verse

I think that free verse is the easiest and most fun of all types of poetry to write. You aren't restrained by people's expectations, and the poem ends up more with the taste of the author than the flavor of language rules.

Most of my poetry is free verse since I don't adhere to proper poetry rules. I can follow any rules and still write a poem, but the best kind is when the cuffs come off and you can write what you really feel.

How about you? Anyone out there feeling free verse at the moment?
Tue, 31 Jul 2018 01:34 am
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Hi! I guess I'm weird, I wish I could write in free verse but I can't, it seems. Even if I set out to write a poem that doesn't rhyme or follow a pattern, they sneak in anyway. Even the verses usually have to balance somehow, or the poem bugs me mentally until I sort it out. I don't know what the cure is but WOL is pushing me to try new things so you never know...
Fri, 31 Aug 2018 11:16 am
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Here's a fun challenge if you will. . .

1. Pick a topic, decide how many lines it will have (less than 15-20 is ideal), and write a description of it.

2. Write a poem to fill in the above parameters.

3. Each line, try to add a quote, an emotion, or even a quip to it so that it is a punchline to something good.

4. See if the poem came out different from what you normally would write by just sitting down and reading it aloud.
May not teach anything, but sure is fun practice if you have a spare moment or two and want to write but not particularly publish at the moment. Great practice I think. If someone has more writing practices to share, please do so.😁
Fri, 31 Aug 2018 03:03 pm
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I definitely will try that exercise! I just want to clarify a few points:

1) I take it the first description is in a paragraph of prose, then for part 2 we take some of the ideas from part 1?

2) I'm struggling to picture what a quote, emotion or quip would look like on EVERY line? I'll have a go but I'll admit I'm puzzled at the moment.

Thanks again! I'm enjoying trying out different writing techniques thanks to WOL (my last one was a deliberate attempt at iambic pentameter).
Mon, 3 Sep 2018 12:54 pm
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Yep Becky, pack those lines full to the brim until it's hard not to trip on a couple words.

An example would be:

Steer the hand off the knob when leaning to the winter's hate,

Here I am thoughts abroad and eating from this dinner plate,

Life will grace the plates with the power to hate you,

I could place my stakes and devour the cake too!


Like a cross between free verse, a limerick, and a rap song. Fun to write, difficult to master. Still, many types of practice go a long way! Villanelles are really fun to write as well.😁
Mon, 3 Sep 2018 02:27 pm
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Wow! Okay, so I think I get it: pack the images in. Link them across lines if possible. I'll give it a go.

Just one thing I'm still puzzled about: I thought free verse mostly didn't rhyme, and this example rhymes beautifully!

I'll have to look up Villanelles. I newly like the challenge of writing to "restricted" forms - I was thinking about digging my notes out from medieval music studies and having a go at a rondeau.

Thanks again!
Mon, 3 Sep 2018 08:22 pm
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I always interpret only half of that truth, i.e. I don't stick to a regular metre. I do however rhyme (thank you by the way) in the poems because to be honest, I always liked the idea of free verse with its lack of restrictions on writing a poem. Also there really isn't a name for how I structure much of my work besides say, 'couplets', or 'decastich', or something like that. No problem either, I love writing in all its forms. 😀

P.S. Never heard of a rondeau until I read this and looked it up. All poetry is fun if it's done with good intentions though. I know you say you like slams and describe yourself as a slam poet, have you ever worked in a studio environment recording lyrics, making music, etc.? And if so, do you have any recorded material out?
Tue, 4 Sep 2018 02:56 am
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I love free verse. I think it's my thing! I have quite a few pieces, some on my blog here in WOL. One little problem though...nobody likes them!!!
7 hours ago
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Yep you are right there, Mae. Most people have this bias opinion that all poetry should adhere to rules, (see AM Cash’s most recent poem as of typing this).

But the most popular poetry on Instagram is all free verse trite. It’s hard for true wordsmiths to make a big impact in today’s world. I guess people prefer the pretentious to the pedantic.😭
7 hours ago
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