Stereotypes (Attention Seekers)


Something all of us want is
To be in the spotlight,
To be known by the whole class,
Teachers and even the staff.
But hey, don't you want it from someone special?
"Who cares? Attention is all that matters."

No one spares a glance, unless it's drama
And nowadays, drama is when you're dying.
Anxiety is trending and depression on the to-do list
And yet all we can seem to hear is
"They've got it worse" and "You'll get over it"
These don't get you attention 
These are real life problems.

Dresses that cannot be seen for
Bodies that are choked with corsets
Obviously it's no sweat at all
'Cause we are to be molded according to their ig feed
All to please the eye and sexual needs
And of course, the daily dose of attention pills.

Become doctors, engineers and scientists
That's the societal norm and statistics
That you have to fit yourself in
Because there's no place for you to do your thing
You cannot do what you want or like 
No, my dear, that's not how you can survive.

It's all about that you see, the attention
That's all that matters in this society.
They'll worship you on their knees 
If you fit their out worldly needs
But beware, you're not getting the attention for you
You're getting it for someone they shaped you into.

◄ End

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 6th Mar 2020 15:35

Very topical in this social media age.

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Thu 5th Mar 2020 20:36

Well said. Thank you for this.

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Thu 5th Mar 2020 18:40

This was a good read and with a deal of fine input. I liked it a lot. Well done you. 👍

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