Type 2 Diabetes

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I just posted this as a comment on another blog

Then I looked at it and thought I would blog it

ANY TYPE 2 out there in WOL land interested in hearing more about this topic drop me a PM


Lets start a debate that would be different!



Trust me there is NOTHING funny about Type 2.

Except I had it, and the experts said I would always have it and it would get worse and worse and then I would lose a leg or go blind and then die.... Sooon!

Funny thing is 'the experts' said it could not be done, (putting in reverse, or remission)
Being a fool I went out and did it.

And Yes

I reversed it... came off Insulin and said fuck the drugs and the experts who needs um!

Well saddly almost everybody who has it and trusts the experts to tell them the truth and keep the huge drug company's making an absolute killing (Literally).

Crippling the NHS and all the poor sods who have to have a toe, foot leg amputated.

Errrr. I seem to have gone off on one.

Cake is poison
Sugar is poison
Carbohydrates are poison

Bitter me?

Well take the sugar away from most things it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Truly I have never felt this well in almost two decades.

Type 2 Diabetes... The (reversible) silent killer.

Po (In remission on a High Fat Low Carb lifestyle)



Not a line that rhymes

That's fine.

Big PharmacydeceitsliesNHSREMISSIONType 2 Diabetes

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Rachel (pen name) Ophelia

Fri 13th Mar 2020 14:28

My Mum has this and you are absolutely right, just a change of diet can change everything!
I'm studying Yoga, mindfulness and nutrition at the moment and there is so much healing that can be done by investigating your own experience and not just mindlessly taking pills!
Great writing, thanks for sharing.

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Don Matthews

Wed 4th Mar 2020 22:23

I am a little tablet
My name is aspirin
My parents came from bark of tree
In lab we now begin

These labs you know they do make
Heaps of heaps of cash
To line their velvet pockets
Which in the bank they stash


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 4th Mar 2020 16:30

There is justfied pessimism about the role of the drug companies,
including their self-interest in promoting the need for their various
products. Of course, they must not be deterred from investigation into ways to cure or at least control/reduce the effects of disease,
but that must not blind us to the reality of these being addressed
by what is already in nature itself. The case of the simple aspirin is an example of a remedy obtained from nature (from the bark of
a tree I recall). How many other products for the same purpose
now fill the shelves of chemists - with all sorts of fancy names and
claims and considerably higher cost, but basically with the same intent? It has been said that the Amazon rain forest could contain
numerous undiscovered means to combat illness - making its
destruction even more reprehensible and short-sighted.
Disease can be stopped and reversed - and we should be aware
of that via guidance and information in every way possible. The
rest can be up to our personal commitment and self-discipline.

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Wed 4th Mar 2020 13:54

This is a message that needs to spread to the masses. Thanks for sharing your experience Po. It is something I’m working on now. I don’t trust big pharma. Dr. Morse has been reversing diseases for 50 years with his “alternative” methods which are incredibly simple. Back to nature is where it’s at. Very timely topic!

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