I don’t care so much about football

that fills the screen so often in this mad country.

I do sometimes watch the highlights but

not the whole game which has long dull moments

when the players pass the ball to each other

and nothing dramatic happens.

I played football too as a boy, goalkeeper I was,

I took it personally when my team lost and walked home alone.

I didn’t want to play, but the others said I was good

didn’t feel like this when the horde came running to

my part the field wanted to run away and the bloody ball hurt

when saving a goal.

One day I took my uncles gloves he wasn’t pleased, but let

I pass he couldn’t use them again to impress the ladies.

Finally, I found sanctuary in the local library they never thought

looking for me there.

I disappeared in the maze of books friends never found out

it was a great time, so much I had to discover,

still does, come to think of it.


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