Human Cake

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What a sight!

What a sight!

Come and try human cake

To the baker's delight.

◄ A-mazed?!

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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Mar 2020 23:24

I think I went (in error) down a different path on your mention of Type 2 Po. I didn't mean to make fun of Type 2 diabetes.

'A little slice of human kindness please'


A baby is a slice of human kindness.

I was this Type too (2) once, as was all of us.

Sorry if I misinterpreted your Type 2

I don't know what Binte meant?........

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Tue 3rd Mar 2020 22:47

Trust me there is NOTHING funny about Type 2.

Except I had it, and the experts said I would always have it and it would get worse and worse and then I would lose a leg or go blind and then die.... Sooon!

Funny thing is 'the experts' said it could not be done
being a fool I went out and did it.

And Yet

I reversed it... came off Insulin and said fuck the drugs and the experts who needs um!

Well saddly almost everybody who has it and trusts the experts to tell them the truth and keep the huge drug company's making an absolute killing (Literally).

Crippling the NHS and all the poor sods who have to have a toe, foot leg amputated.

Errrr. I seem to have gone off on one.

Cake is poison
Sugar is poison
Carbohydrates are poison

Bitter me?

Well take the sugar away from most things it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Truly I have never felt this well in almost two decades.

Type 2 Diabetes... The (reversible) silent killer.

Po (In remission on a High Fat Low Carb lifestyle)

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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Mar 2020 22:30

Was once like this
Said "goo goo"
A slice of kindness
This Type 2

Po, Mika, Do
Said "goo goo"
Slices of kindness
Were Type 2


As were you Binte.

"Goo goo" everyone for old times sake..


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Tue 3rd Mar 2020 22:09

A little slice of human kindness please.


Let 'me' eat cake.

Dam this Type 2

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Tue 3rd Mar 2020 15:52

I couldn't.

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 22:37

There's obviously a message here I am not yet getting......grrr

Despite this I am impressed with the succint 4-liner and accompanying pic.....


Mon 2nd Mar 2020 18:11

How can they? Really sad...😔

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