nightly awake

Nightly awake

 It’s three in the morning the eczema in my legs

scratches like a myriad of ants and feet hurts

it is the diabetes looking for an outlet,

I walk around the flat, a good thing it is large.

From somewhere a dog whines its owner shush

the dog it must be in pain but can tell no one

where it hurts.

I hear the lift going down its owner is taking it out

for a night walk or to a vet, perhaps the dog

Has toothache

I think of drinking a glass of wine but since it is

dawn I settle for a cup of tea and a bisque

as the blood sugar is too low, I add a tea spoon

of sugar.

Looking out of the window in my study I can

see a light of a flat from a window in the opposite

building, someone else who can’t sleep.

I massage my feet, the infernal scratching has

subsided and soon it will be morning.


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