A Circle To Encompass The Universe

I feel a desire to derange my senses for a crucifixion to stretch myself across the endless threshold. An intimacy with infinity. I can't help wanting the things that I fear. 

Just to sit with you and look at the stars together. How simple how timeless. A moments love lasts beyond a moment. 

What has the moon learned from the sun? Lunacy. 

Does the sun ever meditate upon the source of its light? Do we ever consider what it means to be aware of awareness? 

I don't understand the language of society only that of the lone wolf.

Flowers exist to show us what our love looks like. 

Mutual happiness where does it end or begin? 

If romances end and begin then let ours be a ring of truth fashioned in a furnace of suffering and ecstasy. 

I admire the women that other men and women loath. The women that take pleasure without shame.

What does it mean to our life when our regrets were earned through necessity. 


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Sun 1st Mar 2020 23:02

..."Does the sun ever meditate upon the source of its light?...

This is what 'you' need to understand.


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