Space a Subtle Object A Fabric Of Nudity

The pain that complexity feels at offending simplicity. 

Dream of affectionate koi carp nuzzling my feet and poking their heads above the water. Memories of abuse feel heartbreaking. 

Memory of listening to mad Franky Fraser talk with  raptures of genuine joy about slashing a man's face up with a Stanley knife yet he seemed so simplistic and naive. I felt a pang of longing for the Báthorys and Sades of our world. 

Dream of entering a room like a gallery containing large photos of atrocities. A skulk of hostile foxes swarms around me. Then a woman with nails protruding all over her face talking with words I can't quite make out yet want to. I ask her again to repeat herself and she loses her patience wake feeling ashamed of myself.

Attics that reveal the universe. 

Lime stone cities lit by hearths. Populated by a wild and complex people, no time there no sun or moon. Infinite forests and oceans. A matriarch of two sisters controls all the families. 

Children see magic with fresh eyes and magic smiles back. 

◄ Gospels Of Satan (work in progress)

A Circle To Encompass The Universe ►


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