Jesus wanked

there was a time when a mountain
would move on the command of a blood drop 
and now a flueless sky, the one you KNOW
once existed as precious turquoise now
daily sprayed by dark fetter,
 Molechular confetti fit
for an owl’s wedding

there was a time when a moon so improbable 
shifted like woman in labour, screaming great joys 
You can hear it even through the scorching din
Of Lilith’s forever screeching chorus 

there are times when Christ masterbated
Timeless anonymous legends have foretold 
Reality/Unreality, however you define this disorder, 
 of a Universe born from the ‘self-rubbing’
Of gods 

Square clouds have become the new cloud of hymen


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Brian Maryon

Thu 27th Feb 2020 11:28

Jesus would turn in his grave if he had one.

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Thu 27th Feb 2020 11:26

On a much more serious note...

My research on 'Chemtrails' has fully explained exactly what and why we see those square clouds and don't see a natural sky anymore.

It's all down to the KC 135's seeding Barium and alloys and nasty pathogens into the ionosphere.

Yep! Go on, call me a wanker why not, Cos. Well that's true as well.


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