to be

To be and not to be.


My respect for life is profound

I try to become a vegetarian, but when I visited a restaurant

it was wildly expensive,

mind, it looked posh with livered waiters and haughty diners.

Ate soup and a glass of water

what I’m looking for a place that doesn’t charge the earth

for carrots and beans even when artistically served.

I don’t ask for much, just a platter of greens that taste

almost as good as goat chops with salad.

I bought something at a vegan shop it looked like meat

fried it tasted artificial but ate it all since I have no dog

and hate to waste food.

In the evening I eat boiled cabbage with Portuguese

smoked sausages, to give the soup zing.

So, when not swatting flies, I’m respectful of life.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 27th Feb 2020 12:48

The conumdrum of what to eat and the temptations involved. Ah,..
what delicious contradictions ! The bottom line is, I suppose, that
humanity is part of the animal kingdom on this planet and subject
to the same built-in appetites. Lions eat meat but elephants don't.
But they co-exist without any apparent judgemental behaviour.
And what about the rest of the vast living kingdom with which we
are surrounded (and infested !)?
Perhaps it's a case of "whatever turns you on/off"? And forget the
holier than thou approach. One credit due is that we should - and
do - try to utilise what is termed "humane" behaviour when killing for food...something that doesn't trouble any other creature in the same situation.

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Thu 27th Feb 2020 11:37

This is very introspective Jan.

I was a veggie and a vegan for almost a decade until on that faithful day my friend Chuck said "Do you want a bacon butty mate"

I came to my senses, Bacon Mmmmmm!


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