The howling of it causes angst

especially for those living in the

upper floors, who peer beneath

at ant like figures down below.

It wasn’t long ago the place was

built and now the blue and white

of flashing lights that herald police,

and fire responders to the 999 call.

In the aftermath of it once again

will then be posed the question of

who picks up costly insurance tabs,

firms shrinking away from coughing

up if history’s tale could once again be

heard by unaffected blustering clerks,

arguing ‘acts of god’ as shareholders

shall grin and say ‘those poor wee

sods, shall have to pay it from their

mere pittances’ if examples from the

past are yet again robustly heard. I

pity all poor victims so clearly wronged.

As Bobbies in their wind-blown finite

fleet of cars, rightly rally to this noble

cause. Who polices in the aftermath

these tumults cause, and especially

as Armageddon blows its insides out,

pouting left to right and north to south

in fierce and indiscriminate rampant ways.

Woking, this Woking, a canned voice

at the nearby railway station claims.

War of the Worlds was filmed but not

a million miles away from here – and

H.G.Wells might holler from his grave

're-enlist those Aliens, this - time to assist.




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M.C. Newberry

Thu 27th Feb 2020 13:23

I've always enjoyed residing on upper floors of any address and that
includes a tower block in central London overlooking a police station.
The themes of city life are varied indeed, with the drone of the
constant motorway (freeway) traffic, interrupted by two-tone sirens
and flashing lights announcing attendance in answer to the need for assistance. These lines do a good job setting up the sense of
ongoing activity and urgency that sets cities and big towns apart on
a 24/7 basis.

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Don Matthews

Wed 26th Feb 2020 21:50

Gosh! I wonder if Janet's got anything to do with this? I very much doubt it. She's a nice alien......


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