hot water crises

Hot water crisis


Suddenly no hot water

We didn’t have hot water in my childhood

We had to boil water on a kettle

Pour it into a bowl, add cold water and wash

The vital parts.

It was when it was a communal bath, I discovered

Hot water in a shower and clean towels.

I wonderful moment.

Talking about water, there is not so much of it now

The summer lake near the houses is a hole covered with

Thistles and the river are a stony track.

Where I live now the water from the faucet is not potable

We have to buy it at the local shop, and it adds to

The household expensive.

I drink about two litres per day, and it cost more than cheap wine.

I refuse to drink the nasty, the residue of an empty, wine sold inboxes.

A cold glass of water in the morning is aa

Nectar, no one should be denied.


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Brian Maryon

Tue 18th Feb 2020 19:32

Sin gas, por supuesto.

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keith jeffries

Tue 18th Feb 2020 17:42

I remember, when living in Spain, having to buy large plastic bottles of water everyday as the water from the tap was barely drinkable. These plastic bottles weighed a ton but it was aqua potable. Gracias a Dios


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