For those of us unrequited this day

single day awareness now does loom
not married or taken? apparently it spells doom
but if i can't have you tomorrow
my thoughts surely can
i'll send some admiration 
best believe it man
type a message, or say something nice
"Sealed with a loving kiss" as the olde romantics say
not thinking twice

because if there's a next time around
I want a lover, not a taker
and sing so sweet to her like Chet Baker

As i'm like Travis Bickle
lonely but not fickle
with a pinch of Crispin Glover
which means i'm not your ordinary sort of lover
As when you put your hand in my hand
we'd  go back to mine
to listen to some records
and then intertwine

So i'm using this poetry really to say
i don't need the words "I love you"
used once on valentines day
because like the X and the O

we're compatible don't you know
for many moons to come.

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Fri 14th Feb 2020 10:15

This is lovely 💕

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