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Alone in this moment I stand. 

Leaning against the bathroom sink.

Tears cloud my vision then stream down my cheeks.

 I don’t recognize the girl in the mirror.

 A reflection of destruction stares back at me. 

Everything I’ve been holding back escapes my soul. 

I grip the sink and try to fight it. 


I’m not Human,


I’m Emotion.

I’m bottled up pain.

I’m held back tears.

I’m twisted rage. 

I’m misunderstood frustration.

I’m racing thoughts.

I’m bitter heartbreak.

I’m heavy regret.

I’m pounding fear. 


There’s this dirty thought I have. 

Is it so wrong to fight pain with pain? 

My flesh screams at the idea. 

 I'm in need of a temporary remedy.

With the blade in my palm I carry all the power. 

The touch of cold taboo metal against my skin.

I close my swollen eyes and--stop. 


I’m not Broken, 


I’m Art.

I’m Overflowing love.

I’m Resounding laughter.

I’m Grand Serenity

I’m  Rare beauty.

I’m Quiet freedom 

I’m Endless joy. 

I’m Second chances. 

I’m Infinite bravery 


Letting go of the emotions that consume me.

I paint my woes away. 

Dipping the brush in deep lush colors. 

My masterpiece Cascades up and down my skin.

My tears have brushstrokes

I become the canvas.

​​I am now the art of my worst moments. 



◄ Growing Pains.

Falling Alone ►


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Wed 19th Feb 2020 00:40

You are very welcome.
Thank you for the comment.

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Elizabeth Savage

Tue 18th Feb 2020 17:43

Beautifully, painfully, hopefull. Thank you

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