There's nothing more to be said

When you step out into a cold room,

The certainty of which did hold true,

Though sometimes uncertain is better.


I wish again that time had passed,

Slower and in reverse,

Little more than a baby's step.


Sway of the hips,

And eyes so wide,

The tides come rolling in.


The shadowed figures watch and stir,

Above and below,

As of late.


But the gallant and fear,

That held so true,

Is relinquished with this my dear.


Tears on the wedding ball,

And shallow hearts in the hands of men,

I didn't wish for this at all.


I was forced into a life of darkness,

A place with little more than fear,

I don't truly know which way to go,

Left right or just stay here.


Fathomed by the oppressors,

And without glamor to be had,

The glass on toes makes slits to feed,

The never ending tears.


I don't have an ending tale,

To step or die in place,

But at least you know you're not alone.


When you're faced with this regret and fear.

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Fri 14th Feb 2020 04:07

This is beautiful ❤

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