The Serenity Of A Peaceful Sadness

All the animals I love and have forgotten have starved to death. I open the door to their room and it feels like punch of sadness in the gut.


When I slash myself to ribbons with a scalpel I don't take myself seriously. I'm just the punchline of a sick joke. 


The pitch dark of depression oozes from my pores. 


Kindness is priceless. 


Innocence a creation of the wicked. 


I've collapsed the veins of my musical interests. 


The saints are my children they walk with me beneath the shadow of the cross.


There is so much sleepy silence in my mouth that to laugh or talk would be a blasphemy. 


I endure life with a persistence that imposes itself. 


God hear my prayers of lament. 


The angels led me blindfolded through heaven and showed me a vision that was terrifying. They said I may go psychotic from the vision but that I would get the best possible care. Afterwards they changed my heart and I felt the nausia of death upon me. When can I come home? The bastards have ruined me and I'm so very tired of it all

Depression is monotony it's like eating the same tasteless food for the rest of your life.


◄ Statue Sits Longing For Original Love

Tired and Weary I Exist like A Journey Without End ►


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