Got Any Change Luv . . . ?

He would be there every morning

Sitting under the railway bridge

Alone on the paving stones

Young, small, dark hair, very slight,

Faded ragged clothes . . .

Got any change luv . . . ?

Every day the same chorus, the same mantra.

Always on my way to work,

Passing him by.

There came a time when I gathered coins, silver, copper,

Keeping it in my pocket, just for him.

He sitting on the ground there,

Just avoiding that section of the bridge that always leaked water,

Cold unforgiving moisture,

Got any change luv . . . ?

Every day.


One day he told me his story.

He was only young

Never had a home

Never had a chance,

No one had chosen him in the children's salesroom of adoption.

He didn't appeal to anyone.

Then came the day at seventeen he was asked to leave the home, the institution,

Make way for others, he was told.

Got any change luv . . . ?


Then that morning,

Quite near Christmas,

He sat crossed legged on the ground,

Head bowed down,

Not a sound,

Not a glance or an imploring look,

Finished, given up,


The cold,

The constant drip of the water from the bridge,

Like torture,

Got any change luv  . . . ?

The silent mantra stilled.

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Hannah Collins

Thu 27th Feb 2020 20:43

Thank you for your comment Martin, great to hear from you.


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Martin Elder

Wed 26th Feb 2020 23:12

I agree with Don on that line about the salesroom of adoption, in particular. I always look forward too your poems.
wonderful Hannah

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Hannah Collins

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 15:06

Thank you so much for your comment Jennifer.
It is true what you say, the situation of homelessness seems to be getting worse.
My poem is based on true events.


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jennifer Malden

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 10:07

So very sad - not easy to write about something so tragic either. There are so many people like that round here too, it's heartbreaking. It seems it's so easy to fall out of the welfare net. So glad you're back again!


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Hannah Collins

Thu 13th Feb 2020 11:25

Thank you so much for the comments, Mika, M.C and Don.
Much appreciated.


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Thu 13th Feb 2020 06:29

Loved the story here and it’s delivery. Well done.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 12th Feb 2020 23:32

Powerful and poignant - an unforgiving combination, with the sort of
theme that Dickens adopted and used to such great effect to remind
us of the unfairness in life and our duty when it is within our means
and ability to offer help when we can.

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Don Matthews

Wed 12th Feb 2020 22:27

To borrow your line Hannah

'Beautifully expressed on a very sad subject'

I like the line

'No one had chose him in the children's salesroom of adoption'

Also the reprise 'got any change luv?'

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