Twelve to Twelve

I was a little more than lucky to have gotten stuck with you
When I took this shift I was afraid we'd make a terrible crew
But in a very short time I saw a  different person
Not the one that you share, but the one below the surface
I was quite shaken to see that even the toughest people feel grief
When you opened up to me it changed a lot of my beliefs
And I followed your lead when I knew that it was time
You shared your emotions so I started to share mine
Things that I haven't spoken of because nobody wants to listen
But you did, and you should know that it has made a difference
The joke I made about dying you knew was partially serious
So you made a quick reply about dropping me off at crisis
And we laughed about it but I know it can't be said again
Because now I know you see me and you're paying attention
In those two hours that you drove my heavy heart through the city
When you knew I had to get out and had to keep my mind busy
And cracked some jokes and made fun of me just to be sure
That I knew I was safe to open up and didnt feel insecure
I appreciated all of that, I just can't voice it out loud
So I'm bringing it here where it will be safe for awhile
I just wanted to put it down somewhere in paper in pen
Thanks for being my partner and for being my friend.

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