The Gypsy's Curse Never Ends

Sometimes it goes down so easy

And in my thoughts I'm there

On my bunk in the dark reading

A grin on my face

Lesson learned 

A walk around the castle before rest

The nightmare will be relived

The hero will feel distress

What soothing songs does the dark swan sing

Into the depth of the clouds

What world does she open for me

Her mirror glimmering and unfurled

Balanced upon the seas I've seen

So often in pages between

Foamy and starkly outlined

Against the dark storm clouds

Fiction found me dead

Gave me a safe place in my head

But sanctuaries tend to turn to lairs

And the monster in the mirror has your face

Pull off the wig and scrape the make-up

Take your bitter pills and grin

Into the reality of sun and battles

Fought for survival and doors

There is no truth in the pages

Only possibilities 

And possibilities lose value

For every year I age

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