Saga of April Dark: Song Three

Song Three

My brother was just a year above me
Ann's age and her friend unending
We grew together in the same acreage of pine
Our families close together but not confined
The town was just there
So as we aged, all of us close to town became
Their scourge and joyful delinquents

Robert Hall and Vera Coal
April Dark and her brother Tole
We were spoiled with knowledge and good humor
By loyalty and sweet demeanors
We had honey and books and trees
Our mothers always had ready our breakfast
It is dangerous not to know hardship
It makes you think small things are real

And that small thing was the challenge of all
When Anders Hardwick showed at church
And fell in love with Ann
Without even trying to know her better
He took her quiet as assent
Every moment she spent with us
Was a moment stolen from his trust

And what did Ann think of his attention
Very little except for sadness
She found him lonely and slightly cruel
But still worthy of patience and her time
She wished he would open to us all
But he resisted and when she recoiled
He took it as betrayal

No one but my brother stood in his way
As Anders sought to convince
Ann of his love and dedication
To be won or takenĀ 
by the knife in his hand

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