Chasing Love

Lying in my bed thinking of what lies ahead of me

Twisting and turning

I remember

I'm just an adoptee

Not wanted or Loved

Just pushed away...….,. Un Loved

Chasing a feeling, a wanting, a need

Was I not a good seed?

I chase a Love so True

It's something so long overdue

At night I wipe my tears and cry

I simply ask why? Why me?

If I could only agree

and not get angry

maybe then life would be easier

I look back threw my younger days again and wonder why

why me? Why did he hurt me?

Why did he take advantage of my fragile body? Wasn't I somebody?

I can still smell the bacardi

seeping out of his mouth

Now I'm a teen

Cutting my wrists     Day and Night

Thinking its making me feel alright

Feeling sick to my stomach with no appetite

I cut to deep   My wrists are bleeding

It's a strong adrenaline I'm feeling

The voices in my head are so overwhelming

I can't take it anymore      I feel like yelling

Yelling at everyone who did me wrong

I once asked, Why does life take so long?

Well it's True What they say...….. Time heals a wound

And now my life's beating to a different sound

I was lost but now I'm found

I met someone who's LOVE is so REAL

I met Jesus and to me

He's the real deal

I never met a Love so Pure

He is my whole Life's cure

The scars on my wrists have a story

And for that I'm not sorry

I place my Lord first and will always

give Him the Glory

I give thanks for finally finding the Love I've always been chasing

His Love is something I will never stop embracing

◄ Suicide Trapped

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 11th Feb 2020 15:16

Each and every life has a value and is the means by which we can
connect with others to help improve the value of their own so that
the world itself benefits. 😇

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