Suicide Trapped

I have a secret that I keep to myself

I hold it inside so long it gives me dizzy spells

walking alone in this world can feel so empty

I am scared I wont make it till I'm twenty

everyone says shake it off but depression is real

will it ever go away?

No one really knows

I live with these thoughts everyday.

using razors and knives have become normal

Why the hell am I so Suicidal

Have you ever climbed a 7 story building

and stood over the edge all night

not even scared

Night after night, My life

Again I spared

So many times I've been prepared

prepared to take my life

The voices in my head that tell me just do it

kill your self

your not worth it

I cant escape them

They tell me I'm nothing I'm scum

Another long night looking at the pills on the counter

Will this be the night

that death I will encounter

At times I walk down  a dark alley

wishing for my finale

wondering to myself was my brain wired wrong

because my life has taken the wrong turn

Since I can remember I've been trapped with these suicidal thoughts

My words are always even false

Is there someone who can save me

I fall next to my bed onto my knees

scream, cry, shout in desperation

tears flooding my face with frustration

I've heard of this person called Jesus

I'm here left speechless my last option

I was told by many that I was his perfection

I fold my hands tightly together

and simply ask him

to take away these suicidal thoughts

make me normal

All of a sudden I'm tingly and Emotional

If you are who you say you are

change my mind and make me your shining star

Suddenly I am no longer Trapped

I'm wrapped in His

Loving Arms, Feeling Loved and excepted.

No Longer wanting to end this precious life

I will forever live in paradise

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