Through The Eyes of The Bullied

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You make me feel so alone in this world

And the thought of me

Leaves you unconcerned

You don't care about my feelings

Knowing it's wrong 

you give your self all the right reasons

The right reasons to shame me day after day

At night all I can do is pray

Will this torture ever end

I don't understand

Why can't you and I be friends

Your words they Black and Blue me

You drag me threw the dirt on my knees

I always wonder

What about me makes you laugh

Did I make last years ugliest photograph

I cry myself to sleep

I hear myself

weep weep weep

wanting to end my life

is a secret I keep

knowing nobody would care if I were gone

This is something

I constantly dwell on

If you only truly knew 

How your words cut me so deep

Maybe then

You would stop treating me like

a Black sheep

You say I'll never be model material

Why do you make me so mysterial?

You make me dream of ending my life

Wishing for a better after life

Why are you so cruel

Will you ever stop the ridicule

Why don't you see me as a precious Jewel

You won't pick me on your team 

Because you think I'm fat

Just go ahead 

And walk all over me

Like a dirty mat

The name calling will never stop

You make me want to stand over the tallest building

and just drop

How did you become such an evil person?

Your mean words are causing me to worsen

I can't confide in anyone

I should just end my life

just be done

You make me feel like I'm not a someone

Do you realize

Your destroying me emtionally

The sad part is you do it Knowingly

Every morning I ask will this be the day you stop?

Then your there to remind me

definatley Not!!!

It is because of you that I have a broken smile

Most don't know I've been hurting a while

I would do anything to feel alive

But inside I'm desperatly trying to survive

Your killing me slowly with all your hate

You better stop what your doing

before it's to late

My face always wearing the same old frown

Because your words are suffocating me

There making me drown

They say keep your head high

 How can I

When all I do is cry

I burry the hurt inside

While you walk around with all your pride

Your hate towards me

Threw me on my knees

ready to take my own life

You have caused me so much strife

Are you happy now?

I got the point

You brought me to my endpoint












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