Higher Power

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There's so many people that wonder

If theres a Higher Power

Some will search climbing the tallest tower

They question with so much wonder

But many can feel something hitting the world with a strong thunder

If there's someone higher that can change all the bad

Then why is this world full of sad?

You lie awake at night 

Praying to someone

Feeling like you need to run

Who is this Higher Power?

I heard your my strong tower

Why at times do I feel so low

If it's true and your so

Will you shine your light on me and make me glow?

They say your the God of many

How many?

Am I one of your chosen?

Higher Power? 

Can you stop life and make it frozen?

I search for you day and night

But still feels like your out of sight

I heard you can change all things

I mean after all

Aren't you, The King of Kings?

Change this corrupt world

and let me daydream

Do you live up in the sky?

At times watch the world and cry?

How do I find you?

Because when I do

I want to stick to you like glue

Ohh! Higher Power

Shower me with flowers

throughout my darkest hours

I yearn for you

Yes! It's ture

I need more than this world has to offer

I thirst more for you

Than I thirst for water

My days without you are only growing shorter

My knees fall to the floor

Hands folded together

I cry, shout and pour my heart out

Do You hear me?

Do You see me?

WIll You rescue me today?

These are the words I pray

Let it be yes that You say

Suddenly I'm filled with a feeling of glee

I know it

I am finally free

It's just you and me

I now can say

There is a Higher Power

His name is Jesus

I already Love him to piece's

His soul now in mine

Now I will forevershine

knowing this is the day I found The Higher Power



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