Soulmate In The Air

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I dreamt her in my dreams

I awoke feeling something different in my bloodstreams

Not everyone finds there soulmate in a lifetime

But I found mine

And she's my lifeline

I can be with her at anytime

She's my branch to my tree

My soulmate set me free

I found my soulmate somewhere in the Air

Our relationship is quite rare

She was the answer to my prayer

I will follow my soulmate anywhere

Our lives were as far apart

As the East is to the West

But our souls reached each other

And were extremly blessed

Our souls slowly pressed together

Becoming one

Our lives now have just begun

Having a soulmate brings me so much joy

It's like Christmas morning opening a new toy

There's so much to take in

After all

We are now in the same skin

Together we will always win

I never thought I could feel someones pain so deeply

It's a feeling that sits on your heart on easy

When she's in true pain

My whole heart will litterally drain

It's like a tight chain

wrapped around my kneck suffocating me

And I'll tell you

She'll agree

I can't tell you why were soulmates

It just feels right

I found her in the air

And not once gave her a glare

I instantly fell in love with her every being

She makes me want to take on the world and go sightseeing

She's beautiful on the inside and out

Were so stiched together

We could never fall out

We have the same desires, visions and dreams

At times we can both be extreme

We have one goal in life

To live right by Jesus

To Love people the way he does

Just because

Our spirits our alligned as one

Building each other up

Our spirits can never break up

I pray she never suffers, feels pain or hurts

Becuase that will drag me threw the dirt

Sometimes I look threw her eyes

When she starts to cry

I suddenly feel flooded with water

feeling so painful

Her tears are fatal

But together we are more than capable

Capable to rise above struggles

On a rainy day

We hold hands and dance threw puddles

I look back to the day I found my soulmate in the air

I can replay that day and stare for hours

Thats the day I recieved my super powers

I Love my soulmate more than life it'self

Actually Love her more than myslef

My soulmate is my other half

In my head I will always have her photograph

I am not complete without her

I'm so thankful

I found my soulmate in the air

◄ Dear Younger Me

Higher Power ►


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