VIRUS : 2158 AD

We're living upstairs now above the virus line

Well it's either that or wear the VPM constantly

75% of the third world population has died

No upstairs see


Some say it's a good thing

World population's now at manageable levels

Try telling that to the poor bastards

who literally shit themselves to death


That's the virus see

Food goes through you in a matter of hours

Almost no nutrients are absorbed

and it comes out like the tap has been turned on.


I had a fortnight of it - never again

Antibiotics don't work

48 hours starvation and live upstairs

That's the only solution


There's a black market for VPM's

The price has risen ten-fold

Momentum has promised

free VPM's if they get elected


There's a rumour that scientists

have developed a virus eating midge

The virus will be eradicated within 5 years

Just got to deal with the midges after that


◄ Phillip Schofield

Brazil ►


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Brian Maryon

Tue 11th Feb 2020 20:36

Thanks Keith, Jennifer, Don and MC

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 11th Feb 2020 15:31

Natural calamities the solution? - now that's a logical point of view
About curbing excess population that threatens our existence;
You'll excuse me if I nod and say "Far better if it's you",
And back my logic with insistence helped by distance. 😉

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Don Matthews

Mon 10th Feb 2020 08:21

A virical cull
Is what the world needs
Less population, pollution
And hence less more greed

More space to breathe in
Less traffic and noise
Crowding together
Which quietness destroys

Population needs culling
The Earth cannot cope
Retaining our lifestyle
Is to me only hope

(I am a proponent of zero population growth, or at least keeping it to a manageable level. I don't believe man will do anything to curb this. Which leaves no alternative but for natural calamities to do it. You may have different views).

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