Orange zest bed

lie with me in our orange zest bed
envelop me in buttered loins and salty skin
against the cavern of your chest 
I lie my head 
a willing prisoner
white noise of your heartbeat
the only sound I want to hear
don't let there be a world beyond the now
I couldn't leave this moment if I tried
I am foetus
in the womb of your body
nurtured, but at risk of expulsion
a sacrificial lamb 
willing to surrender
I am yours to arrange
on a crisp white sheet
won't you pierce me
scent my skin
grab my hair and etch
your brand upon my back
I am victim and conquerer all at once
so revere me
compliment me with your greed
lick your lips and devour me with urgency
only when your body swells 
with satisfaction
you may annoint me
then you must cradle me all tender
til our breath is slow again
we choose a recipe for passion
that never fails to disappoint
it is desire that heals the wound
your love has left upon my soul




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Paul Sayer

Sat 4th Apr 2020 07:37

Kate you came and went 😉

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