Arthritis (This Poem Is About Me)

I won't ever get any better said the Doc accept it please                  

No your wrong I said it will get better, pain will ease 

I remember crying desperately wondering why, YES WHY

My head was clouded with misery, as I looked at the sky

Arthritis no it's not, it came on suddenly with out warning

it hurts to stand and walk,  first thing every in the morning

At night my legs get restless, pain in feet and knees

each night I pray help me, take this away god please

pain killers make me feel worse, side effects galore 

so many this I used to do, I simply can't no more

it hurst to stand and cook, housework,  the pain is bad

I wish now I listened to warnings from my dear old dad 

keep your shoes on, your feet Are frozen, please marie

you be in pain when ya older, just stop listen to me.

coal fire was blazing my feet warmed on fire place

I dismissed all the warnings. Tears roll down my face

famouse words of a loving dad, I dismissed without a care

I wish each and every day my dad was still there

life is a struggle pain gets me down, I cry and cry 

please god heal this bad arthritis my life is passing by


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