The Saga of April Dark: Song One

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The Saga of April Dark
Song One

I sit here crouched in this night
I slowly breath and side to side
Rest my weight as I wait and wait
Wait for the moment the light has died
What tales my toil will make below
And how they're there I don't know
I'm just letting it loose to the wind
It keeps me warm against this dim
cold night I hide and wait and grin
Thinking of his death and thinking of my sin

Friends are such a wonder when you are young
Friends are such that such is wanted
Whenever and wherever and yon
Why could we not stay as we were to begin
All of our grudges petty and limp
In the face of our care
The face of our fun
It was all such a joy 
Sparkling and shallow in the sun

That one thing that kept us 
Twirling about
The one thing that built
Our initial fount
That was the destruction
When it turned out it was untrue
It was just a toy like all our others
Wasted on convenience and youth

We could have been like most our peers
Falling apart but still calling each dears
It could have been a gentle slide into the abyss
Too much drink or childbirth or ills
But no, instead, you decided to kill
Kill for a woman that still isn't yours
Kill for no reason, for he was never hers

And so I'm here
Crouching in the weeds
Waiting for a night
A night perfect to sneak
Over to your sleeping form
Slicing you open
Like you did my heart
The night I watched
You tear my brother apart

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