In the crevices of my labyrinth

mind – I am still with Mother

hiding under the stairs and she

who never went to church, was

chiding the almighty – asking if,

and when, the bombing would

finally come to an end, so that

the ambulances might come and

take away the dead and wounded

from the nearby homes, whose

moans of pain were sounding

through the broken window glass.

The flood lit reddened docks had

now a friendlier hue and the ATS

teams wiped their furrowed brows.

Will the Jerry come again tonight?

Unspoken thoughts unexpressed

but still a focus of the mind of those

whose grimy soot-faced faces gave

a gloomy smile, and just a little way

away, beside the docks – shipping

tethered to the quays were well

inflamed with hose pipes running

dry beneath an iridescent  sky.

Jut jawed Scousers who went to

seek their safety in the shelters

came pouring back to find some

pets had perished in the blitz and

Fritz, a collective name for German

Luftwaffe types would light their

pipes and brag about it in the places

where they took their rest – or stroked

their furry mascots round their necks.

Whilst Haw Haw scoffed in mocking

tones: Germany Calling, .................





jennifer Malden

Sat 1st Feb 2020 17:40

Loved this one, especially the first line. So very evocative of hard times. Was too young to really remember anything much, but my grandmother was an air raid warden, and proud of it.


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keith jeffries

Sat 1st Feb 2020 17:10


A poem which I am able to relate to albeit at a less experiential level. You have captured that time with vivid descriptions. For those who never knew those times it will be a poem of profound insight into a world now forgotten. In these times of doubt and uncertainty this poem speaks of a time from which we can draw courage and hope.

Well written. I applaud this. Well done
Thank you


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