LMS Rollercoaster Toenail-Paint Back-to-Work Celebration

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LMS Rollercoaster Toenail-Paint Back-to-Work Celebration


Our Rollercoaster's been through

Smoke and lots of fire

Our Leader watched out two four seven

Did not for sleep retire


(He is a good Leader....)


To celebrate it's back-to-work

A Toenail-Paint is planned

Riders will jump in feet first

No colour WOL has banned


(WOL Board has been notified

but no advice received back

re any banned colours …...)


Preparations are well under way for

Our Toenail-Paint Celebration ride

Like-Minders coming up with wild colours

Colours on toenails applied


(Our Leader Rollercoaster driver

is yet to choose a colour

As are Nigel and Kate......)


To see preparations in progress view:.




Lucy L (Head of Publicity)

and all the LMS gang







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Mon 27th Jan 2020 17:20

Me too....I wish to join in .

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Nigel Astell

Mon 27th Jan 2020 17:14

Toe to toe
go rollercoaster go
pink and black
red and white
purple and yellow
these are just
some of the
glossy nail colours
that suits my
toe to toe
ready to go.

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Don Matthews

Mon 27th Jan 2020 07:00

If you would like to join us on our Toenail-Paint Celebration Rollercoaster ride around the Theme Park to Stops of offbeat poetical interest please contact our Leader.

We have lots of fun

Lucy L (LMS Head of Publicity)


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