San Francisco

Around my neck,
A dream chokes me.
Hopes of salty shores
and short walks on long piers
hold me hostage, 
stealing my breath.

A thief.

Pearlescent waves swallow me.
I become tangled in the kelp,
Trapped on the sea floor,
reaching for the surface,
where a great bridge stands
to carry me home.

But back I float,
to the mundane.
To green trees
and dandelions every spring.

The ocean is so far away.

I beg for a chance
to see my home once more.
to visit the apartment I found,
only miles from the sea I crave so intensely.

Please, let me go back
to the undertow
that holds my heart.

Take me back,
I demand. 
But money is tight
and the waves are dangerous
you tell me.

You are afraid to lose me in the tide,
and I understand;
I'm afraid to lose myself,
but as I sit,
confined by cave walls
I forget to care
because I learned of freedom last year.
--Desitenia || 1/5/2020



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Fri 24th Jan 2020 13:18

Really enjoyed this! Of all the lines here, it was “money is tight” that somehow made it feel more real.

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