Down on The Heath

Down on the heath I met my lover, by arches strewn with vines and flowers;

we kissed each other, then took cover, from skies portending April showers.

Well I remember then I said – as evening fell so still and solemn - 

that 'flames will out, if too much fed' - as shadows grew around each column.


Down on the beach I met my lover, beneath the slate-skies of November;

I took her arm - I did discover - within my heart a final ember.

But now it only could be said – as evening fell so still and solemn -

'the flame is out, since too much fed' - as winter grew around that autumn.

down on the heath poem christopher laverty

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jennifer Malden

Mon 3rd Feb 2020 10:44

Hi Christopher!

Beautiful poem - the two parts well linked together by the repetition, and a concentrate of beautiful language. Really liked it.


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John Coopey

Fri 24th Jan 2020 18:36

This really is excellent, Christopher.
“From skies portending heavy showers” - wonderful rhythm.

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Thu 23rd Jan 2020 12:31

This is beautiful Christopher. "I loved you too much was my problem, the flame is out, since too much fed". Really enjoy it.

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