How is your black dog today?

For starters: offense to real, man's best friends dogs. I love them, but also are scared of them in a way. This one is dedicated to the "black dog'" that haunts a lot of people's lives. I did a DJ gig on this day tonight and met a fellow who told me he does a mental health group to protect people who do not talk about what they are and or feel obsessed with or feel suicidal. We bought a few drinks and he said if ever saw me again, he'd ask me this question I've now turned into a poem..


How's your black dog today?
Is he small?
Does he push on your back when he's tall?
Does he rag you about when your thoughts get deep?
Or Does he attack you when you sleep?

How's your black dog today? 
I know he doesn't answer to a collar nor a leash
I know his Infernal barks won't cease

How's your black dog today?
Four legged fiend 
Existing in the mind
I wish I could leave behind

How's your black dog today?
My mental health 
Isn't feeling itself
And this dog 
Keeps bringing this depressive stick back
Hurting myself

How's your black dog today?
Oh I dunno
I still greet it with a frown
But for now at least
I want this dog permanently put down 

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