Visions Convergence

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Preamble to:  The UNDERWOOD.  Page 9. Chapter 3

The story continues.    “The Journey to the Summit"

Coming soon!

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Visions Convergence 


Many taboo places in our heads say never go

Without rhyme or reason, it seemed we'd reached a high plateau

We can see distant horizons, far vistas come into view

We long to reach much further... ‘Higher’ our heart says, ‘Adieu’


United we clambered up together, to reach this lofty summit

Our heads now feeling dizzy; our hearts begin to plummet

Where collectively we stand elated, feeling naught but forlorn

Assuming it was dusk, In truth perceiving that it’s dawn


Thinking our sojourn had reached its climax

Our journeying at an end. Then we comprehend the parallax ...


Looking introspectively, as if our soul ‘twas torn in two

Perpendicular at the bottom. Yearning to be united again with you.   



Brought to EnlightenmentPoThe UNDERWOOD Page 9

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Wed 22nd Jan 2020 20:16

Thank you for your comment and continued support John.

It means a lot to me personally...
and to read your comments and encouragement on others poets posts mate, is uplifting to see.


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John Coopey

Wed 22nd Jan 2020 18:17

Thoroughly, enjoyed, Po.

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Tue 21st Jan 2020 19:14

Hi Vautaw and Jon, I am so glad to see you waiting with baited breath.

You both need to fully understand that you are in line for an award

Jon has passed his audition with flying colours!

Vautaw you need to select what you will treat us all with before we retire for the evening...

My humble piece is posted here for the pursual of all WOL who will miss it, so now they will see it and perhaps join us around the campfire.

I will PM both of you!


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Don Matthews

Mon 20th Jan 2020 07:37

Eth? When are UNDERWOOD trilogy movies coming out ?.......

Po won't think we're making fun of him will he?......

No pet. He knows us better than that......


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Sun 19th Jan 2020 22:54

And so It comes...
The long awaited continuum. UNDERWOOD Ch3

A Poemagraphic Production.

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