Drop in someone wrote

so I did just that – on-line

of course – no faffing about

getting buses into town or

anything arduous like that.

I chose my slot and down

the wire it went – me reaching

for my cuppa before I check out

any responses. Some you win

and some you don’t - quite an

unfathomable lot – just ask

Thalia who knows about the

cruisers of the random muse.

Now which should I wear today

my happy face or the one I

sometimes use to frequent

weddings at the local village

church, where clergy folk are

getting rather scarce you know

according to old so and so who

almost tripped into the font

after skidding on a red tile floor

which serves the congregation

as a corridor - and so I left and

told the verger I was passing by

but cast a reverential eye towards

a darkening sky when scooting out

and saw the sidesman give a pout

as if to say come back our numbers

are declined enough - no zest is left.




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Don Matthews

Mon 20th Jan 2020 08:23

Your sense of direction Phil is good
Cos where you sit sip tea
Your message to me way down here
Comes DOWN wire under sea.....

My quick reply on other hand
(Wot's this to do with hands?....)
Goes right back UP the wire to you
Hey hey strike up the band

Rule Britannia
Britannia ruled the waves...



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