I am the hunter and the hunted

Who's killing who. Am I the slayer or the slain. 


All that thinks is evil. 

Long live the preachers of the purely hyporcritical. 

Speak misdirection. 

Death pollutes everything. 

Fear exists at every level. 

I am God and I am terrified.

I fall in love to save my life. 

I arouse and molest to exist. 

I am the hunter and the prey. 

I owe forgetfulness a memory never fortold a censorship that cleaves blood to be revealed. 

A sovereign genius for buffoonry. A prat fall of anguished grace. Let the rich know shame. 

Give him everything he wants. Learn to love him. That's what the deities say. 

Sicken me but don't tell. 

Now I am the hunter. And I'm killing shame and I'm creating identities. 

Harvest insanity fear the reaping. 

Enjoy remorselessly. 

Love is what we kill. Love is what we create. Love is evil, love is at war. Truth dawns and death is born. Seek lies. 

Does anger exist in all thinking univereses? 

I bare the spear of fury and I throw fear and confusion. The motionless move. 

I seduce knowledge and deceive self. 

Why am I doing this? Seek to understand. Lions roar. Mathematicians teach ratios. Alice loved her rabbit hole. 

God comes in every avenue to molest me.

Can't keep war without enough for another. 

Friendships and self love sooth the pain. 

A white tiger with a sun inside its mouth. The delusion of truth.

(This was written after I perceived the possibility that the mind and all that I cherish could die.) 

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