Somewhere in the heavenly sky

there jitterbug the meteorites

just out of human sightedness

and jive the comets of the great

beyond that have us pondering

which piper calls melodic tunes

on journeys through the universe

towards the moon and back amid

the thunder cracks and craters up

above and claim the bliss of love as

earthlings know it can’t exist we’re

given to understand unless a magic

wand is waved – the space craft

logs contain the heavenly clues

observed by crews of yester times

that circled round the stars beyond

the sighting of our human eyes as

would the universe allow us to behold

and climate fluctuates between the

vast extremes  - yet people of the

earth proclaim – I love you to the

moon and back and galaxies beyond,

- as if they knew right and wrong of it.




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Paul Sayer

Sun 19th Jan 2020 21:57

Philips Wonderment!

One of your best yet my friend, great job! I loved this.

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Sun 19th Jan 2020 16:58

Rich - Moon Talk - thanks for the Like. P.

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