One Blues (from Love Sonnets)

i do not sing the storm
i do  not  sing rage, wrath
the lightning-bolt, the scream
Despair i do not sing 
i do not sing struggle
-revenge poisonous blast-
the hurricane, the quake
that tears the city of peace

i do not sing no border. 
i do not sing no flag
i do not sing no warrior
but she that fights all fear
Poverty & sickness-night
the blade, the club, the trap
blows, wounds, cries, lies, bursts &
war-blood i do not sing

i do not sing despise
for any thing or being
i do not praise no richness
no governors, no kings
From all this flower-garden
i pick one single rose:
creation is just dew
upon the rose of love

i celebrate one flame
i only sing one blues:
the flame of endless loving
with you & only you

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Sat 11th Jan 2020 20:04

Hi Daùd, welcome to WOL. No way is your piece a sonnet but you write with verve and passion and expressing a clear thought / feeling.
These lines are special.
"...creation is just dew
upon the rose of love..."
Go well

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