In my hands an anthology

from Wey Poets, all have a

tale to tell, of life and their

own unique experiences in

a collection of words which is

descriptively entitled Pathways.

The group meets at the Quaker

Hall during gatherings at Guildford

 – and here fine words get bandied

about in various unique forms and

evolving nuances of ideas. One

of our abler poets is married to

a lady who paints landscapes

of the countryside and which

help us conjure up our thoughts

and take us by the mind into a

grander scheme of things and

nobler plains. I think it proves

the point - each picture saves at

least a thousand words – I heard

It is said at many various times – no

need either to make the merry muses

rhyme or be sublime in what is said

of thoughts that thereby issue forth.

Let the voice of Thalia and her Muses

take creative cruises of your thoughts

and be astonished what mere words

may conjure up inside the inner mind.

Take a walk on the wilder side of life -

but be alone the orator of your work.



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Thu 2nd Jan 2020 21:12

What - Skippy was eating your grass - he'll get too high - I hope is wasn't class one stuff - I heard Skippy likes a puff now and again - that's when he starts singing that song by Matilda. There was once a Jolly Swagman …. 😟

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Don Matthews

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 21:02

Thalia is my guiding light
Brought to me by you
And at the time she did arrive
Was riding kangaroo

Didn't know that did you?.....

Actually I was watching my computer screen.
Skippy was munching grass on the back lawn.....

What's that? roos don't eat synthetic lawn?......

Gosh, these hecklers Phil. Bane of a poet's life......

Back to work. I've stomped on said heckler. Member of the Traditional Poets Association. No loss, despite being a WOLer

Thalia is my guiding light
And when she rings the bell
I run like puppy dog lap lap
I've gotta problem, hell

Notice I didn't re-rhyme and explete shit? I could've but WOL is a classy site. I don't stoop to gutter with my stuff. As you know.

What's that? Get off the stage? Shit, another heckler Phil.......


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